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Experience the most esteemed web hosting service from a top web design company Ansh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our hosting services offer our customers both individuals and organizations, to make their own website accessible via World Wide Web. We take pride in providing best web hosting services which rich in reliability, features, support, page load time and ease-of-use. Our aim is to provide the best quality service with lowest possible cost, and in the domain of web hosting we assure our customers 99.9% up-time for our services.
We provide our clients, space on the server we own or lease, for their use, and we also provide them internet connectivity, typically like a data center.

Features of our web hosting services:
• Sumptuous amount of storage
• Good bandwidth amount
• Decent number of domains and sub-domains
• Excellent database support
• 24/7 tech support
• Email accounts and features
• For mobile app or website
• Easy to install and framework support
• .htaccess files (configuration file used by Apache server)
• Shell access
• Language support (server-side languages you want to use)
• Free AdWords
• Site backup
• Choice of operating system
• Extra applications
• 99.9% network up-time guarantee
• For easy administration provided personal control panel

Ansh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. the best website development company, readily offers its customers, even if they are not web service providers, a thorough and helpful web hosting service for sending their email or files. Therefore, their computers which are permanently linked to the internet can be used as a website host by them for providing details about their services and goods. This could add to their business as clients can place their orders online.

We offer the following types of web hosting services-

        1. Shared Managed Hosting :

Shared Managed Hosting is one of the most favored and useful in the web hosting services. At Ansh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we offer a choice between Linux and Windows operating systems in order to host websites on shared servers. Shared Managed Hosting is adequate for small to medium sized websites.
In our company, all our hosting account comes with a control panel which grants you total control of your web space and domain.
Now creating emails, sub-domain, installing a blog and a lot of other site related works will be easier than ever.

Shared managed hosting contains-
• Free selection of OS. Linux/ Windows
• Choice of control panel
• Plesk hosting CP
• Unlimited band-with
• MySQL 2005 server, MySQL database

        2. Virtual Private Server: (VPS)

Ansh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one of the greatest web design companies, welcomes you for a more reliable and professional involvement in its Virtual Private Server (VPS)web hosting services. Virtual Servers or Virtual Dedicated Servers are also referred to as Virtual Private Server (VPS, also referred as VDS or VPS), associates a way in which the physical servers partitioned into multiple servers. In effect, each of the multiple servers carries the appearance and capacities of running on its own authorized machine. Each Virtual Server can be rebooted independently and can run its own full-fledged operating system.
The affordable VPS service that our company offers is very advanced and proves to be productive and very useful, especially for the small businesses.

Our VPS services include-
• A complete control over your server
• Selection of OS, Linux/ Windows
• Full root access
• Preferred control panel
• Host unlimited domain
• Unlimited bandwidth

VPS allows customers to share the hardware and network connections between multiple clients; at the same time enables each client to posses control on their own virtual private servers, without compromising on performance.

        3. Dedicated Managed Server:

In order to cater a useful service in Dedicated Managed Hosting, our skilled administrators and technicians work to their excellence in managing the network and server environments of various database hosting platforms. At Ansh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.our server hosting plans let you gain the control that you generally expect on a conventional dedicated hosting service. Our company’s low server density also delivers the availability and reliability that you need to have for high-demand, latest applications and so on. Dedicated managed hosting will efficiently provide you great support in all the website development services.

Features of our dedicated managed hosting-
• Customized server hosting solutions
• Complete control over your server
• Control over the hardware and the OS
• Cost-effective and affordable
• High quality and quick service

Designed mainly for large or multi-faceted deployments Dedicated Managed Hosting assures 24/7 effective management of core services that includes database, security, monitoring and back up.

        4. Linux hosting
        5. Windows hosting
        6. Business hosting
        7. Java hosting
        8. SEO hosting

We understand the value of your business and we guarantee you of a secure and effective web presence by the diligent efforts of our experienced team.

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